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WOODguard® Pre-Tints

WOODguard pre-tints offer the convenience of a pre-tinted color option that are made 2,000 gallons at a time, not one gallon at a time. WOODguard is formulated with “trans-oxide” pigments and colorless titanium dioxide (TiO2) to reduce fading caused by the UV (ultraviolet) rays of the sun. To ensure even distribution of pigment, stir frequently during use.

Any color not listed above must be custom mixed by your dealer or paint store.  The colors listed above cannot be matched exactly by a dealer or paint store machine tint addition, but can be close enough to satisfy your requirements. To assure a uniform color tint, get your WOODguard from one source for the entire project.

General Tinting Information

Regardless of the source of the tint a small sample should be applied to the raw sanded log or log siding and placed in a sunny location for three days. This procedure will assure you seeing the final color of the painted log surface. Remember only one heavy coat is required.

Select the source below to see the pigment formula

ACE Hardware System  
Benjamin Moore System
Chroma-Cal Colorant System
Color Guild 888 System
Color Spectrum (VAL SPAR) System
Color Trend/Nuodex 888 System
Customatic Colorants System
Devoe Wonder Tint/Ameritone System
Glidden’s Dramatone System (ICI)
Grayseal System
Pittsburgh’s Custom Colorant 96 System
Porter’s (Courtauld’s) System
Pratt & Lambert’s Trade System
Servistar Colorant System
Sherwin-Williams Blend-a-Color System
Trendition House System



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